Saturday, April 4, 2009


Data provider:This Object providesconnection between data sources[e.g ODBC Data Provider,OleDb Data Provider,Oracle Data Provider,SQL Data Provider SqlBorland Data Provider] and databases[Odbc Data Sources with an ODBC interface. old version data bases.OleDb Data Sources that used for an OleDb interface such as Access or Excel.,Oracle Data Provider used For Oracle Databases,SQL Data Provider For work with Microsoft SQL Server.,Borland Data Provider Bdp Normally access to many dbs[databases] like Interbase, SQL Server, IBM DB2 & Oracle.]. It's includes the Connection, Command, DataAdapter, and DataReader objects.

Connection:This object provides connectivity of data source. if you want to work with a database, you must first have to connectivity of data source. The connection used for find database server name, database name, username, password & other necessary authentication field that are necessary for database Connectivity.

Command:This object provides you to execute SQL means to perform action
on database like Delete,Select,updte,Insertstatement and also you can execute Sps [Stored procedures] for you database. It's used to send request query to database.
It's manipulate with Parameters to retrieve records from Sps[store procedure].
You can use Executescaler() method which helps you to retrieve one single value from table and other is ExecureNonQuery() method which is for non select resultset